With more hockey than ever being played at the Memorial Sports Centre, with both the ’52 Canadians and Ice for Kids arenas seeing use, town council Monday night approved a request by Community Services manager George Bell to buy a new zamboni.
The cost of the $62,340 machine was offset by the trade-in of the current zamboni, which fetched $9,000.
“My only question is the logic of trading in one for fear of malfunction. What if you need a backup?” asked Mayor Glenn Witherspoon.
“That was discussed at great length by the staff. But I’ve found in the past nine years, we’ve never needed one,” Bell said. “There’s been some close calls.
“But for the $9,000 trade-in, I think it’s worth it,” he added, noting the sports centre probably will need another new zamboni in seven or eight years due to the wear and tear of dealing with two ice surfaces.
“It’s no use having a $9,000 machine just sitting in the back, not being used,” agreed Coun. Neil Kabel.
The town had allocated $75,000 for the purchase of an ice resurfacer in its 2002 budget.