Youth soccer player pumped to join Chill

Jamie Mountain

The opportunity to play for a competitive team has presented itself for a local soccer player.
Andros Bruyere, who just turned 13, recently tried out for the Thunder Bay Chill 14U team and impressed the coaching staff.
Bruyere’s father, Alex, was in Thunder Bay delivering the Soccer Northwest insurance payment for the Fort Frances Soccer League.
While there, he was introduced to the Thunder Bay Chill coaches and asked if there was an opportunity for his son to come and try out.
“They told him to come out so we stayed in Thunder Bay over the weekend,” Alex Bruyere said.
“And after the first day of training, the coach came to me and acknowledged that Andros has some great skills, and [that] they would love him to be a part of the Chill family.
“Andros is very excited and proud that he will be representing the Thunder Bay Chill,” Bruyere added.
“They have their first tournament this weekend in Winnipeg, and sometime this summer they will be playing in the World Cup tournament in Minneapolis,” he revealed.
“This tournament has 1,000 teams from all over the world.”
Andros Bruyere had an interest in soccer at the age of eight, so his father found the Fort Frances Youth Soccer program and signed him up for it.
“I started coaching at the same time and witnessed how fast Andros picked up on soccer,” he recalled.
“From there, we participated in the winter youth soccer programs here in town, and then I started signing Andros up for the FCBEscola (Barcelona) training camps in Calgary.”
The Chill compete in the Winnipeg league, with the season starting shortly and running through October.
“There will be a huge commitment on myself and my wife’s part, as well as Andros,” Bruyere conceded.
“Andros will be training with the Chill every weekend and league play will be on weekends, as well,” he noted.
Bruyere also said the team was told by the coach that cardio training will be instrumental in achieving their goals.
“The coaches’ goals are to train these young players to a level that will hopefully get them transferred to the premier Chill team when they hit U16,” he explained.
Bruyere also noted the Chill always are open to adding strong players to their teams, both male and female.