Youth soccer getting ready for new season

Jamie Mountain

As soon as Mother Nature shows some mercy and brings about nicer weather, you can bet local youths will be racing onto the soccer pitch to work on their skills.
The Fort Frances Youth Soccer program is here for those enthusiastic youngsters, and is expecting a joyous time for all those who will participate this season.
“I have high hopes that this year will bring fun and excitement for the veteran kids and the new up-and-coming kids,” said FFYS board member Alex Bruyere.
“There is nothing new that is happening for this year’s season, but we may look into bringing our local talent together to put on a week-long soccer development camp in July,” he noted.
Bruyere also said with roughly 320 youngsters having signed up so far, the program could use some extra volunteers.
“I managed to get enough people to help out so far but I am needing a new board of directors,” he remarked.
“[It comes with] three meeting commitments a year and minimal work.”
Like any program, Fort Frances Youth Soccer has some goals in mind for this season–and moving forward.
“I think our short-terms goals would be to grow our youth soccer program,” said Bruyere.
“The long-term goals are to, hopefully, look into [getting] an all-season facility so we can keep our soccer going all year-round, like most other towns and cities do,” he added.
“I would [also] love to see more volunteers for our program because I am going to need a new board of directors,” Bruyere reiterated.