Youth soccer closes curtain on another season

Close to 500 young soccer players took to the field one more time Saturday for the Fort Frances Youth Soccer wind-up tournament, capping off its 11th year here.
But the tournament–and the entire season for that matter–was played with a non-competitive flavour, said FFYS vice-president John Pierce.
“It’s a fun tournament,” he noted. “We don’t really give away big prizes. Everyone’s treated equally.”
This year, 640 kids have played every Monday to Thursday since mid-April–even in the coldest and wettest of conditions. Every outing seemed to be a family event, complete with parents holding cameras and lawn chairs on and off the field.
“Our only apology was not ordering sunshine for the first couple of weeks,” said Pierce, who said the season was a complete success.
Soccer is perfect sport because it increases camaraderie and sociability between the younger boys and girls, according to Pierce.
The increased number of volunteer coaches and players is another reason why the level of play, in general, has increased for those who want to continue soccer in high school–and eventually the local men’s and women’s leagues.