Young racer crowned world champ

From Kitty Cat racing when he was four years old to world champion at 13, Curtis Boivin certainly is making things happen in the world of snowmobile racing.
Last weekend, the Fort Frances native was up against seven other racers in his age division for the title of world champion at the World Championship Snowmobile Derby in Eagle River, Wis.
“It’s the biggest snowmobile competition there is. It was wicked exciting,” enthused Boivin. “I’ve been waiting for that title for years now.
“I thought I had a chance this time because I had beat the same kids in a race before,” he noted.
Racers from as far as away as Alaska and Russia were competing for the title but no one could take the victory from Boivin, who spends every single weekend in January and February on the ice oval track.
But he’s not alone. His mom and dad are there every weekend to cheer him on.
Still, when he’s out racing, he’s not waving at his parents on the sidelines. “I’m always thinking about what my next move is going to be,” said Boivin.
And at 68 m.p.h., he would have to make some pretty quick decisions.
In Eagle River, Boivin got off to a bad start and actually was in last place at one point. “I made my pass with one lap left to win the race,” he remarked.
Boivin doesn’t have much time to practise because by the time he gets home from school, it’s too dark to go out and race. As such, he relies solely on the races he enters to help him improve.
Although Boivin has reached the highest level of accomplishment for his age, he said all he wants to do is keep winning championships.
With the help of sponsors like KFC, Pinewood Sports, and Woody’s Traction, to name only a few, as well as the support of his parents and fans, it’s almost a guarantee Boivin’s name will show up on a few more trophies in future.