Voyageurs stop over in Emo

Last Tuesday, 11 Lakehead University students and two group leaders spent the night at the Emo Lions Park. 
This was just one of their stop-over’s while making their way to Sioux Narrows by way of the river. 
The students are in there third year from the Lakehead University of Thunder Bay. This trip is part of their recreational course and has all been planned by them.
The voyage began at Crilly Dam located around Atikokan. Two groups are making the same trip only the first group is about one day ahead. 
The idea is for the students to learn about the Voyageurs, how they lived and traveled, and to try and experience and see what they did so many years ago. 
The team of 13 were eager to share information about their trip and wanted to thank everyone in these generous communities for all they had done for them. 
They told a story about a man and his son from Fort Frances who fixed the thwart that runs lengthwise along the bottom of the canoe, and how grateful they were for that. 
They also wanted to thank Bridget Beck from the Emo municipal office who helped them with many different types of things. 
The group said they had been averaging about seven km per hour and that one of the team leaders was making a sail, so they could take advantage of the great winds last Wednesday (Aug. 31). 
They told me they had a day coming up where they had to travel 60 km so the sail would allow them to save some energy. 
They did chuckle while telling me of the things they did that the Voyageurs would not of done, like while portaging through Fort Frances they went to Tim Hortons, or stopping at the Emo Public Library to take advantage of the computers and check their e-mail. 
Before leaving, this energetic group would be hosts to Grades 4,5, 6 and 7 from the Donald Young School, to help them understand a little bit about what it was like for the Voyageurs. 
They had stations set up which included Bannock, how to make fire with flint, how to lift the 850 lb. canoe, how the Voyageurs dressed, and played games. 
Usually, the first group is the one to host these type of events (and were still doing so while they stopped in Rainy River), but this group thought they would like to share their knowledge with students while they stopped over in Emo.