Turnout low at Muskie football practices

Lucas Punkari

It’s only the first couple of days of practice, and there’s still a little while until the Muskies open the WHSFL season here Sept. 9 against St. Norbert.
But with the a small turnout so far in the opening week of pre-season preparations, head coach Chad Canfield is finding himself in a bit of a bind.
“We really need to have more guys out. You can’t run a team with only 25 guys,” he stressed.
“I’m not sure what much more we can do but we need to do something to get more kids out here.”
While Canfield noted a number of returning players already have come out for the practices, the biggest issue right now is having new players come and show what they can do for the coaching staff.
“That’s pretty typical of what happens before the school year starts,” he reasoned.
“With school starting, though, next week, we’ll hopefully have the coaches that work in the school talk to the kids and get them out here to play football.”
Meanwhile, with only a limited amount of time before the season-opener, and the team already starting to put in their playbook, Canfield still is looking to fill a few roster slots.
“Right now we are strong in both the wide receiver and defensive back spots, but we really need some bigger guys to play on the [offensive and defensive] lines,” he remarked.
“We also are in need of another quarterback with [last year’s starter] Tobijah Gerber out with an ACL injury, as it’s a big job for just Ben [Whitburn] to learn on his own,” Canfield added.