Town needs more time to look at rink proposals

After holding a special meeting Monday night on the new rink here, town council decided it would be in its best interest to have “technical” people look at the bids and provide input back.
A total of 15 bids were received by last week’s Tuesday deadline for architectural proposals for the single ice surface, with prices ranging from $180,000-$330,000.
But the bids varied, with some charging a flat rate and others a percentage of the project. And because of the complexity of many of the proposals, council decided it would be best to have more time to look at them.
They will be asking help from people considered more qualified in this area to provide expertise on the matter. While no one was confirmed, one name brought up at the meeting was Toby Munro of Public Works.
While council admitted there were some “excellent” proposals on the table, it stressed it did not want to “short-change” a good company that may have put forth an impressive proposal simply because of a few thousand dollars.
“Let’s get the most bang for the buck,” Coun. Sharon Tibbs said at the meeting.
Tibbs also expressed concern with hiring a firm that had the proper qualifications and experience working in the north. But she figured, after researching the proposals extensively last weekend, it would be beneficial to seek outside advice.
Mayor Glen Witherspoon agreed it would be beneficial to a firm that has experience here in Northwestern Ontario but he stressed it would not be a sole factor in the final decision
Les Baker, who represented “Ice for Kids” at Monday’s meeting, warned the town should not automatically eliminate the most expensive proposal.
He also stressed it would be in the town’s best interest to take any additional time to properly absorb all of the information from each proposal.
Ten firms from Ontario, including five from Thunder Bay and one each from Sioux Lookout and Kenora, submitted bids.
Four others came from Manitoba, including LM Architects of Winnipeg, the firm originally hired to build the double-rink facility here, and one from British Columbia.
The town will meet again next Tuesday at 2 p.m. in hopes of paring down the list to about three or four proposals. Council then will stage an interview process with each remaining firm.
Here’s a look at each firm and their proposal:
•Accutech Engineering, Winnipeg–fee rate of 7.2 percent plus disbursements and GST;
•Calnistsky Architect, Winnipeg–fee rate of four percent ($180,000), plus GST, plus site trips and expenses, at $4.5 million project limit (plus GST);
•C.A. Ventin Architect Ltd., Cambridge, Ont.–fee rate of 8.5 percent plus taxes and disbursements;
•C.E. Mickelson Assoc. Ltd., Thunder Bay–fee rate of 4.8 percent plus GST, plus expenses;
•GBR-KGS Consultants, Winnipeg–a). fee rate of 6.85 percent plus disbursements at $32,000 plus certain extra costs at $4 million project limit, or b). flat rate of $274,000 with same additions;
•GBW & Architect & Engineer Inc., Thunder Bay–fee of $210,000, plus taxes and expenses at $4.5-million project;
•IFNA Engineers Ltd., Kenora–fee rate of 5.8 percent at $260,940 plus disbursements at $19,040, total of $279,080, plus GST;
•Johnson Sport Architecture Victoria, B.C.–fee rate of 6.55 percent, plus GST and certain expenses;
•Keewatin Aski Ltd., Sioux Lookout–flat rate of $179,000 plus fees, disbursements, and GST;
•Kuch Stephenson Architects, Thunder Bay–fee rate of five percent at $225,000, plus GST and disbursements, at $4.5-million project value;
•LM Architects, Winnipeg–a). fee rate of 6.6 percent at $297,000 plus disbursements at $20,000, plus GST and certain additional costs, at $4.5-million project, or b). flat rate of $200,000 with same additions;
•PBK Architects Inc. Toronto–flat rate of $297,750, plus disbursements of $33,000 total of $330,750 plus GST, plus additional services;
•Peterson Habib Consultants Inc., Thunder Bay–a). fee rate of 5.5 percent plus GST, plus disbursements of $13,000 plus GST, plus certain additional services, or b). flat rate of $270,000, with same additions, at $4.5-million project;
•Trak Engineering Inc., Thunder Bay–fee rate of 5.5 percent at $229,405, plus disbursements estimated at $40,000 at $4.9-million project limit; and
•WGA Architects Inc., Toronto–fee rate of five percent plus expenses and GST.