T’hawks stuck in ice jam


The Fort Frances Thunderhawks will take to the ice this season, but just who they’ll be playing remains up in the air.
General manager Dean Bruyere said he’s caught in a situation where ice time has not been firmed up yet.
“I’m still working out schedules,” Bruyere remarked. “But I’ve paid my registration fee, we’re ready to go that way.
“We’re going to play,” he stressed. “We’re just having hard times getting teams to play.”
The local men’s senior ‘A’ squad is planning to play some games in International Falls, but will not be able to nail down ice times until next month.
There’s also a chance that playing stateside could present problems with Hockey Northwestern Ontario, but Bruyere hasn’t heard back from them yet.
“I’m still waiting on my ice times,” he reiterated. “I’ve got to wait ’til October ’til I get a commitment from International Falls.
“I haven’t even heard from HNO if I can even play over there yet.”
Bruyere also planned to settle game times at the Ice For Kids Arena this week.
At this point, two weekends in December (one here and one in International Falls) have come up as strong possibilities, as have a pair stateside in February.
But until the dates are settled, Bruyere is unable to firm up a commitment from potential opponents.
Bruyere has been in talks to schedule games in Kenora against the host Thistles, and hopes to see a Manitoba team or two grace the ice here this season.
“Kenora’s a no-brainer,” he remarked. “We’ll play them probably too many times.
“I won’t know anything ’til I get my ice,” he added. “As it stands right now, I don’t have a lot of commitment from anybody except Kenora.”
In terms of a roster, Bruyere said fans can expect a lineup similar to last year’s, with a handful of recruits needing to be confirmed, as well.