Team paintball tourney planned

Press Release

Paintball quickly is becoming a very popular sport!
What sets paintball apart from every other sport is its very disposition. Many video games seek to emulate what paintball creates—a realistic version of the war game genre.
It is a uni-sex sport, with both men and women enjoying the thrill of “mock combat.”
The sport isn’t limited to a specific age group, either, although, the majority of participants are between 14 and 35.
Since its inception in 1989, Spirit Fire Park has been host to many types of events, celebrations, and paintball battles.
It has hosted many singles and doubles tournaments in the past, boasts of a mixed-couple league, and is proud to announce a new female league.
The park is now set to host a tournament where team play will be paramount!
Limited to the first 10 teams registered, registrations no longer will be accepted after 9 p.m. next Friday (July 23).
The registration fee is $75/team, and each must have five players.
This is an invitation out to anyone in Canada and the U.S. We also are hoping to get many teams from the district that will step up to take on these pro teams—and show them how it’s done around here.
Prizes will be based on a 100 percent cash payout, with first place winning 50 percent, second place earning 30 percent, and third place pocketing 20 percent.
Obviously, the more teams that register, the higher the payout.
Each match will be Fort vs. Fort “Capture the Flag.” Teams will be allowed to use walkie-talkies to co-ordinate their attack and defensive strategies, with the emphasis on team tactics to be successful in such a woodsball situation.
There are four fortresses at Spirit Fire Park, so the options for battlefields and combat situations are quite varied!
Every player must wear proper attire and approved paintball masks. All markers must be chronographed at 300 FPS.
Each team is allowed unlimited ammo, unlimited spare CO2 tanks (must be stored in fortress), and paintball grenades.
It is limited to two weapons per player (one must be a single-handed marker).
Spirit Fire Park does not supply paintballs! And while we do have a C02 fill station, we do not supply HPA.
Team captains can email or call 276-2804. Visiti for full details.
Hope to see you on the battlefield!