Tae Kwon Do club capture medals at Winnipeg

The local Northwest Tae Kwon Do club performed well at the Cy ’98 Can-Am Games in Winnipeg last Saturday, bringing home six medals.
Thirteen members from here attended the tournament, competing against 390 fighters from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Minnesota.
Jordan Nastiuk (black stripe) and Mathew Ivall (green belt) led the local contingent, each winning gold medals in their respective divisions.
Ricki-Lee Anderson (yellow stripe) earned a silver while bronze medals were won by Mathew Morrison (green belt), Kevin Wiersma (green stripe), and Malcolm Daly (yellow belt).
Other local competitors included Lucas Beardy, Adrienne Lange, Mark Heyens, Julie McQuaker, Kevin Tysz, Rob Tysz, and Cathy Tysz.
Local instructor Ken Anderson said he was impressed with his group, which often was forced to fight against older and more experienced competitors.
“They did really good fighting against some excellent competitors,” he enthused during Monday night’s practice. “Fighting against tougher opponents made them try even harder.”
Anderson said it’s been an impressive year for the local club, noting four members will be trying to earn a black belt later this year.
The club currently has 55 students, including 35 in their first year.