Stampede set to go

Press Release

The 59th-annual North Star Stampede runs today through Sunday (July 25-27) at Effie, Mn.
The rodeo gets underway today at 5 p.m., with shows at 2 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.
One bronc that will be missed this year is “Big Sky,” a big grey-and-white pinto from the Saddle Bronc pen.
He was purchased by the North Star Ranch at the Miles City Bucking Horse sale in 1990.
He came out of the chute the last time in 2010, when he was ridden by Cimarron Pitzen.
“Big Sky” then was pensioned off to eat grass and hay until he died.
He didn’t get to die a natural death, however, as he was killed and devoured by a pack of wolves last November.
A number of new horse are added to the Rough String each year, and perhaps in the new bunch will be another “Sawhorse, “Two Dot,” Fever Reliever,” “White Eye,” “Malta” or “Big Sky.”
Fans will get the chance to find out this weekend.