Speedway crowns mid-season winners

Ken Anderson, Jake Kamm, and Gary Grimes had their names etched in Emo Speedway history on Saturday night as they were the first-ever mid-season championship winners at the track.
Anderson, who retired from Abitibi-Consolidated on Canada Day after 26 years, led 11 of the 15 laps in the Midwest Modifieds (Mod-B) feature race, but he still was “shocked” and “surprised” by the win.
“I thought a guy like [Midwest points leader] John Hettinga or somebody else would’ve won it,” said Anderson, but a crash with Joey Galloway in the Mod-A heat caused Hettinga to watch the Mod-B race with his car loaded on his trailer.
Anderson also raced in the Mod-A field and finished in fifth.
Over on the Modified (Mod-A) front, Kamm displayed patience and intelligence to overtake Gary Wilson on Lap 17 and eventually take the checkered flag in the 20-lap feature.
“I could see that he [Wilson] was getting looser, and I ran up beside him to show my nose a couple of times thinking that he’d overdrive, and sure enough he did coming off of Turn 2 there and I snuck under him and got by.
“But the caution came out and I got put back,” recalled Kamm, who is from Dryden. “And it was the same thing the next time.”
Wilson wound up seventh in the 11-car feature.
Meanwhile, Grimes captured the Street division title with an impressive win in the seven-car feature.
After leading the first four laps, Grimes relinquished the lead to Andrew Trimble before regaining it on the 11th lap of the 15-lap feature.
“I thought it [the mid-season championship] was a great idea and it gives the drivers another trophy to shoot for,” said Grimes, who comes in from Red Lake each Saturday to race at the Emo Speedway.
< *c>Summary
< *c>Modifieds (Mod-A)
Feature—1. Jake Kamm 2. Jamie Davis 3. Bill Witherspoon 4. Len Allen 5. Ken Anderson 6. Glen Strachan 7. Gary Wilson 8. Curtis Kamm 9. Jori Hughes 10. Brad Loveday 11. Rob Anderson
Heat 1—1. C. Kamm 2. Strachan 3. Wilson 4. K. Anderson 5. Witherspoon 6. Hughes 7. Lambert
Heat 2—1. Allen 2. J. Kamm 3. R. Anderson 4. Davis 5. Loveday 6. Hettinga 7. Galloway
< *c>WISSOTA Midwest
< *c>Modifieds (Mod-B)
Feature—1. Ken Anderson 2. Jori Hughes 3. Bill Witherspoon 4. Ken Perry 5. Denny Trimble 6. Anthony Visser 7. Kendal Gamsby
Heat 1—1. Trimble 2. Anderson 3. Visser 4. Gamsby
Heat 2—1. Hughes 2. Hettinga 3. Perry 4. Witherspoon
< *c>Street Stocks
Feature—1. Gary Grimes 2. Matt Gamsby 3. John Bosma 4. Andrew Trimble 5. Simon Crans 6. Chris Shine 7. Rob Rantello
Heat—1. Bosma 2. Grimes 3. Rantello 4. Crans 5. Rae 6. Trimble 7. Shine