Soccer becoming popular in Emo

With soccer being one of the fastest growing sports in Canada it should be no surprise that children in the community of Emo have been bitten by the soccer bug.
In three short season’s the Emo soccer league has doubled in size and developed a first-class reputation.
“It’s great to see our little community is getting right in there and able to keep up with the changing sports industry,” said Emo Soccer League Co-ordinator Lori Shortreed.
“We are developing quite talented soccer players right here in Emo and now with the new sports fields they have access to the right facilities,” she added.
Enrollment for the first season was a whopping 95 players. Which, at the time was a great start.
In the second season 145 youngsters signed up. And a drum roll please, this year a total of 205 kids took to the fields.
In addition, to the growing success of the Emo soccer league, the community has built a sports field, similar to those in Fort Frances, so children from the area have somewhere to develop their skills.
The new sports fields were buzzing on Saturday, as the league held their annual wrap-up tourney there.
Over five-hundred people flocked to the soccer pitches to either play in games or cheer from the sidelines.
Ten teams from Rainy River, and 18 from Emo, played four games a piece throughout the day.
“It was a really busy day for everyone,” Shortreed said. “By the time the kids played in their final game most of them were pretty tuckered out,” she added.
Shortreed noted that the soccer league is geared to children in (Junior kindergarten through Grade 8) and encourages everyone to try it because its an inexpensive sport.
“All the kids need are their regular cloths and shoes because the league provides the soccer balls and any other equipment needed,” she said.
Each participant received a ribbon at the end of the tourney as a token of participation.
“We don’t keep score of any of the games out here because it’s just for fun”, Shortreed explained.
“We try to congratulate the kids on their effort and participation instead,” she added.
Even though the tourney signaled the end of the season, Emo Soccer league games still run up until the end of this week and the sports fields are open to the public all summer long.
Also located in the vicinity is a baseball diamond and driving range which are also open for public use.