‘Snake’ strikes again This time wins Memorial tourney

“Snake” Krawchuk added his name to another golf trophy on Sunday as he was crowned the overall champion of the Memorial golf tournament, which is held in remembrance of Kitchen Creek members who have passed on.
The annual tournament originally was slated to be held May 30, but rain postponed it to this past Sunday.
And rain almost washed it out again but with upcoming weekends already booked at Kitchen Creek, the 36 golfers who competed had to brave the weather conditions.
That was down about half from the 70 who had signed up for it back in May.
“I was happy. I had some bad shots, [and] I still need help with my putting,” said Krawchuk, who carded a 73 to top the “Harry Barefoot” Memorial Flight.
Krawchuk has enjoyed success on the links this season, winning the Senior Classic before finishing second in the championship flight of the annual Kitchen Creek Classic.
But he still needs to fine-tune his putting.
When Krawchuk jokingly asked Kitchen Creek pro Steve Wood if he knew any good therapists to help him with his play, Wood responded like a seasoned veteran.
“The biggest six inches are right between here,” said Wood as he held his hands to the sides of Krawchuk’s head. “Well, maybe for you, it’s actually eight inches.”
Up next is Kitchen Creek’s Club Championship, in which Krawchuk will be looking to get “the belt” back from Gerry Hercun, who who the Classic—and earned the belt from Krawchuk.
The belt, you ask?
The belt was created three years ago by Krawchuk, Hercun’s palying partner for the past three years. Two criss-crossed golf clubs with heads of snakes can be seen on the metal faceplate.
It is a little under the size of a WWE championship belt, but has more significance as it goes to the winner of the Kitchen Creek Classic, which is open to all golfers, and the club championship, which may see anywhere from 50-80 golfers competing this weekend.
“I want to get that belt back from Mr. Hercun,” said Krawchuk.
There is a problem, though, as Hercun is scheduled to work this weekend at the mill. It is unclear if the belt automatically will go around Krawchuk’s waist, or if it will stay in Hercun’s possession.
“That one hasn’t really been negotiated yet. When he beat me the first time I didn’t bring it in for him, but I think it should be that you both have to play,” said Krawchuk.
“I’ll let him go this year. I’ll let him enjoy it.”
But it’s unclear if Hercun actually is working this weekend or if he is trying to play mind games with Krawchuk.
“It’s hard to play mind games with me because there’s nothing up here,” laughed Krawchuk as he pointed to his cranium before heading to the putting green to practise his biggest weakness.
“But if he is working, if I tease his long enough, he might get the time off work,” Krawchuk added.
Even though the club championship, a two-day tournament and one of the golf season’s biggest events, was only a week away, Krawchuk wasn’t looking ahead. Instead, he focused on the Memorial.
“I don’t think ahead. I take it only one day at a time,” said Krawchuk.
Here are the top finishers in each flight from the Kitchen Creek Memorial tournament:
< *c>Harry Barefoot
< *c>Memorial Flight
< *c>(Championship flight)
1st low gross—Snake Krawchuk (73)
2nd low gross—Dan Livingston (74)
1st low net—Steve Pruys (72)
2nd low net—Brian Beers (72)
< *c>Bob Biggs
< *c>Memorial Flight
< *c>(First flight)
1st low gross—John Hazel Jr. (84)
2nd low gross—Pete Badiuk (84)
1st low net—Bill Melita (73)
2nd low net—Earl Roth (77)
< *c>Harvey Shute
< *c>Memorial Flight
< *c>(Second flight)
1st low gross—Jack Kendall (85)
2nd low gross—Orest Mihichuk (87)
1st low net—Sam Harnett (74)
2nd low net—Bill Wawryk (74)
< *c>Tom Onichuk
< *c>Memorial Flight
< *c>(Third flight)
1st low gross —Hugh McKinnon (89)
2nd low gross—Bill Daley (93)
1st low net—Jim Fowler (70)
2nd low net—Clyde Ditmars (76)
< *c>Betty Crawford
< *c>Memorial Flight
< *c>(Women’s flight)
Champion—Linda Larocque (130 gross/90 net)