Slo-pitch schedule cut on Thursday nights

The local adult mixed slo-pitch season, slated to begin next Monday, will see a reduced number of teams playing in the Thursday night league.
Last season saw a full slate of 12 teams compete Thursdays, traditionally one of the most popular nights, but only 10 were accepted this year because Sight and Sound of the district fastball league will be playing its home games at 8 p.m. at Vanjura Stadium instead of Emo.
Double-headers were played at Vanjura each night last year because it is the only diamond in town with lights.
Tuesday and Wednesday nights already are filled to capacity at 12 teams while Monday has 10 teams so far–leaving two spots open. League schedules were still in the process of being finalized as of this morning.
The cost to register is $260 per team.
In other news, Community Services manager George Bell said the arena diamond won’t be affected by construction of the proposed new indoor ice facility adjacent to Memorial Arena.
“We are not in a position to affect any of the softball this year,” stressed Bell, adding the slo-pitch schedule will be wrapped up by September.
Mayor Glenn Witherspoon confirmed construction of the new arena won’t take place until “sometime” in August, leaving the arena diamond untouched for this season.
In fact, playoffs are slated to be finished by Aug. 28. The top four teams of each night will make the playoffs although no format has been finalized yet.
Last season saw the final playoff round take the form of a weekend tournament.