SIJHL teaming up with Power Play Recruiting to help players advance

Press Release

The SIJHL announced last Wednesday that it has entered into a multi-year partnership agreement with Power Play Recruiting, based out of the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Mn. to aid and assist its players looking to further their respective post-Jr. ‘A’ careers at the NCAA level.
PPR will also work with SIJHL member clubs looking to recruit players to bolster their rosters for upcoming seasons.
“The SIJHL is extremely excited to enter into this partnership with Michael Bowman and his staff at Power Play Recruiting,” said SIJHL Commissioner Bryan Graham in a press release.
“This opportunity will allow all SIJHL teams to enhance their recruiting efforts for players from the Twin Cities area, as well as aid in assisting current SIJHL players who wish to move on to the collegiate level.”
The company boasts over six decades of experience in this field and looks forward to partnering with the SIJHL in the coming seasons.
“Power Play Recruiting is excited to partner with the SIJHL to provide a proven and affordable networking platform that will help advance its league players to NCAA collegiate programs,” stated PPR president Michael Bowman.
With a mission to connect players with appropriate teams in order to advance their hockey careers, PPR boasts over 60 years of experience playing, coaching, and scouting at all levels of hockey–from youth to professional.
It also has been furthering hockey players careers at all levels for many years, through its large and trusted network of coaches and hockey insiders.
Its platform is ideally designed for players in high school and junior hockey who have the drive and commitment to want to play junior and college hockey.