Shooting wolf nets man fine

the MNR

A Kenora resident has been fined $1,500 for offences related to wolf hunting.
Jacques Choquette was fined $1,000 for abandoning the wolf pelt and $500 for failing to attach a game seal to the wolf.
Court heard that on Oct. 16, conservation officers came across Choquette and his hunting group off the Ena Lake Road in the District of Kenora.
During the inspection, the officers saw digital photographs of a wolf.
Further investigation determined that Choquette had shot the wolf on Oct. 14 and did not attach his game seal.
He abandoned the wolf carcass.
Choquette and the officer returned to the area, but could not find the remains.
Choquette’s rifle and a digital camera were seized, which will be returned upon payment of the fines.
Justice of the Peace Robert McNally heard the case Feb. 1 in Kenora.
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