Shooting from road nets fine

the MNR

An Ontario resident has been fined for shooting at a deer from a roadway.
Donna Parise of Terrace Bay pleaded guilty to shooting from a roadway and was fined $1,000.
Court heard that on Oct. 23, conservation officers received a call that a high-powered rifle had been discharged off Villeneuve Road in Kenora.
Officers met Parise on Villeneuve Road.
She said she had fired a single shot at a deer from the centre of the road, but believed she had missed.
Deer hair was found at the site but no deer was recovered.
Parise’s rifle was seized and will be returned upon payment of the fine.
Justice of the Peace Robert McNally heard the case Feb. 1 in Kenora.
The Ministry of Natural Resources reminds hunters that it is illegal to shoot from, down, or across a public road.
Hunters in Northwestern Ontario should be aware of proposed regulation changes regarding firearms and roadways.
For further information on hunting regulations, consult the 2010-11 Hunting Regulations Summary, available at ServiceOntario/Government Information Centres, from licence issuers, and at