Selling moose antlers costly

the MNR

A Dryden-area man has been fined $2,100 unlawfully selling moose antlers.
Clifford Wise, of Eagle River, was convicted under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and fined $1,500 for unlawfully selling moose antlers.
He also was fined $600 for providing false information to a Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer.
Court heard that during the fall of 2008, Wise was acting as a guide for a Wisconsin hunter who shot and wounded a bull moose, which was not harvested.
Wise found the carcass two weeks later, and removed and took home its antlers.
He later offered to sell the antlers for $500 (U.S.)
In the fall of 2009, Wise sold the antlers to a plainclothes conservation officer in Vermilion Bay.
Justice of the Peace Daisy Hoppe heard the case on Aug. 12 and Nov. 16, 2010, and handed down the verdict on Jan. 25 in Dryden.
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