Search on for next FFCBC chair

Bryce Forbes

With the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship having wrapped up its 2010 edition, the search is now on for a new person to take the helm.
Finding the next chairman is imperative to keeping the tournament going.
“That’s a very serious issue we need to address very quickly,” stressed Doug Cain, director of the tournament site and facilities, adding current chairman Tom Fry is prepared to mentor the new person.
“We definitely need someone to step up and make sure that [the tourney] continues,” he added.
Cain said those interested would need to make a three-year commitment to the tourney.
“One year to learn what is going on, one year to run it, and one year to train someone else,” he explained.
“We want someone who can devote some time,” echoed Fry.
“During the year, you’re looking at a meeting a month for three hours out of the month,” he noted.
“Starting in March, we go to two meetings a month, and you have to be able to devote the whole week and a couple of days on either end at the tournament.”
Fry said the committee is looking for someone with good leadership skills and who is good with people.
“It’s not that onerous of task, but I’m going down south for three-and-a-half months and it’s just not going to work out,” he remarked.
Being an avid angler isn’t even a requirement as Fry joked he was a golfer and curler.
After seeing the tournament grow from its infancy in the mid-1990s, Fry still expects to be a part of it next year—but back to a volunteer position he had when he started helping out.
“I will still be a part of the actual week next year, but as far as the chairmanship goes, three years is enough for me and we need someone to step up,” he said.
Now that his run as chair is over, Fry can get back to his first love—golfing.
“I’m hoping to get back out on the golf course, and hopefully September is as nice as it was last year so I can take advantage of that,” he enthused.
“Tom just bought a motor home so he is going to spend a lot of time down in Texas this winter,” added Cain.
The bass committee also will be looking for others interested in sitting on the board of directors.
Anyone looking for more information about chairing the FFCBC, or acting as a director, is invited to call Cain at 274-2405 or Fry at 274-3584.