Sailing school now taking entries

Thirty-five hours of instruction attached to a price tag of a mere $140.
That amounts to just $4 an hour to learn about the sport of sailing, and Eric Rude says those who attend the youth sailing school slated here next week will get their money’s worth.
“They’ll learn about water safety, they’ll learn the physics of sailing and how sailing works,” noted Rude, who has been sailing himself for more than 20 years.
“They’ll learn boatmanship, and tactics, and they have fun and games and race,” he added.
The sailing school, run by the Manitoba Sailing Association’s mobile optimist youth program, will go from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. next Monday (July 11) to Friday (July 15).
There are 16 spots available for children aged seven-14, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone interested has to fall into that age bracket.
“If a kid is 15, we won’t say no, and likewise for a six-year-old, if the parent says the kid is really keen on learning,” said Rude.
The youth sailing school, which “goes back a long time” here, gives kids a chance to get “active” in a sport that’s long been an Olympic sport. And Rude believes sailing can build skills that those involved in the sport at a young age will be able “to carry on for life.”
“They always have fun,” he noted. “I’ve never seen a kid leave without a smile on their face.
“We just want to let people know that it’s out there and for them to come and learn,” he added.
Entries are being taken at the Memorial Sports Centre (274-4561). Or for more details, Rude can be reached at 274-6097.