Ryll to attend ‘Rising Stars’ football camp

Jamie Mountain

A local football player will get to showcase his skills to former NFL coaches and players next week.
Jaykob Ryll was selected from thousands of applicants to attend the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy’s International/Rising Stars football camp slated for July 17-19 at the Pro Football Hall of Fame stadium in Canton, Ohio.
“I had always known that the Pro Football Hall of Fame had put on camps but I always thought that it was for American players,” noted Ryll, who plays centre for the Muskie football team.
“But I was contacted by their international head of scouting and he said, after looking at my measurable skills and play, that I would be a very good candidate to apply to the camp, so I was contacted by one of the higher-ups,” he explained.
Former NFL coaches and players will be assisting the athletes with all aspects of the game over the course of the three-day camp.
There will be fitness assessments, including a mini-combine, as well as in-class instruction.
“The thing they really focus on is physical testing,” said Ryll.
“It’s going to be very much like the NFL combine so reaction time testing, sprint testing, strength training, and then your overall technique,” he noted.
Ryll said he’s looking forward to working with the camp’s coaching staff.
“I haven’t seen a list of all the names yet but I know that two of the coaches from my position are Super Bowl champion offensive line coaches,” he remarked.
“I know that Anthony Munoz, who is one of my favourite players of all time, usually likes to show up to these camps so I’m excited.”
The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy was created to empower athletes to succeed, to be excellent on game day, and to reach their destiny.
Every athlete faces a unique and exciting journey, and the core to that journey is the ambition for excellence.
The academy’s core belief is that great players are made, not born.
For today’s athlete, the academy combines the latest training technology, state-of-the-art testing, and master positional coaches from the NFL to create a world-class curriculum for today’s middle school and prep athletes.
This new training paradigm focuses on the entire athlete.
Ryll, who is going into Grade 12 this fall, is confident all his experience playing with the Muskies will benefit him next week in Ohio.
“The Muskies’ philosophy, to me, is what I really want to bring to that camp,” he remarked.
“I may not be the biggest guy going there [but] I’m definitely not small, either,” he noted.
“But I really want to bring that smash mouth, no-quit, gritty type of football there, and just show off that we may be a small team and small town but we can still produce talent.”