RRDFL announces all-star rosters

Here are the rosters for the Rainy River District Fastball League’s annual all-star game, which is being played tonight (Tuesday) at 7 p.m. in Stratton:
< *c>First team
Manager—George Oltsher (Barwick)
Pitchers—Murray Armstrong (Rainy River), Harvey Flamand (Sight & Sound), and Curtis Berg (Stratton)
Catcher—Clayton Windigo (Red Gut Bay)
First baseman—Charlie Kelly (Big Island)
Second baseman—Roger Allen (Red Gut Bay)
Thid baseman—Chris Jack (Big Island)
Shortstop—“Beeker” Watson (Sight & Sound)
Outfielders—Kevin Gemmell (Barwick), Ed Vold (Sight & Sound), and Jessie Tom (Big Island)
Utility—Guy Arpin (Stratton)
< *c>Second team
Manager—Clayton Windigo (Red Gut Bay)
Pitchers—George Oltsher (Barwick) and Sheldon Kelly (Red Gut Bay)
Catcher—Grant Swire (Sight & Sound)
First baseman—Derek McKinnon (Sight & Sound)
Second baseman—Paul Visser (Sight & Sound)
Third baseman—Duane Carlson (Sight & Sound)
Shortstop—Randy Morriseau (Red Gut Bay)
Outfielders—J.J. Landry (Barwick), Jim Chorney (Rainy River), and Brent Anderson (Stratton)
Utility—Marcel Pagee (Sight & Sound)