Rosters for All-Star game announced

RRDFL regular season play takes a break this week and fans will be treated to the annual All-Star game in Rainy River tonight at 7 p.m.
Rosters for both the ‘Aces’ and ‘Deuces’ were announced Monday.
Currently sitting atop the RRDFL standings, Sight & Sound (12-2) led all teams with a total of seven players chosen to participate in the game.
Barwick will have the second most representatives at the midsummer’s night classic with five players elected.
The biggest surprise concerning the roster announcements was the relative lack of Rainy River players chosen to participate in the game.
Throughout most of the season, Rainy River (12-3) have been locked in a struggle with Sight & Sound for top spot in the league.
However, the team will only have two players, pitcher Murray Armstrong and fielder Jim Chorney, taking the field for first pitch tonight.
Players throughout the league chose the all-stars by casting secret ballot votes for those they deemed most deserving.
Here is the line ups for the two teams:
Aces: Manager George Oltsher, Barwick, Pitchers Bob Andy (Sight and Sound) and George Oltsher (Bar), Catcher Beef Windego (S&S), First Base Charlie Kelly (Big Island), Second Base Chris Jack (Big Grassy), Third Base Paul
Visser (S&S),Short Stop Vaughn Wilson (Barwick), Fielders Derek Bilben
(Int’l Falls), Will Handorgan (BI) and Kevin Gemmell (Bar) and Utility
Player Marcel Pagee (S&S).
Deuces: Manager Carl Big George, Sr. (BI), Pitchers Murray Armstrong (RR)
and Harvey Flamond (S&S), Catch Grant Swire (S&S), First Base Derek McKinnon (S&S), Second Base Travis Derkson (Bar), Third Base Duane Carlson, Jr. (IF), Short Stop Bill Copenace (BG), Fielders Jeff Kreger (Stratton), Jim Chorney (RR) ad Jessie Tom (BI) and Utility Player Dailen Tuesday (BI).
Tonight’s game is open to the public and there is no charge to watch.