Robertson hopes to hold court this season

Heading into his first season with the Windsor Lancers volleyball team last year, Steve Robertson knew full well he wouldn’t see a whole lot of court time as a rookie on a major university team.
“Rookies never see any action on the court in their first year, and then they slowly get a bit of time in the second year,” the 6’5”, 200-pound former Muskie star noted. “For me to see some time on the court was good because most people never play in their first year.”
In fact, he impressed his coaches so much that he was nominated as one of three finalists for the University of Windsor’s athletic rookie of the year. While he didn’t win (he grudgingly noted it went to a shot putter), Robertson was satisfied with his first season, which saw him move from the power position to the middle.
“I had no idea I would be making the switch but the coaching staff needed more size from the rookie position,” said Robertson, who was named team MVP on both the Muskie junior and senior squads during his stint with the black-and-gold.
“We are losing our two middles from last year so I should start this season–guaranteed,” he predicted. “Right now, I’m a year ahead in my career.”
Though he admitted being a tad shy at having to shift from power, an offensive position, to the defensive middle position, he said he now takes great pride in helping his team out on the defensive side of the ball.
Robertson said the biggest adjustment he had to make from playing in the tiny NorWOSSA league here to going up against the top university teams in Canada and the U.S. was the quickness of the game–and the emphasis by the coaches to read the play.
That helped him react better to certain plays before they happened, he said.
“At first, I found myself slow on the court, especially making the switch to the middle where you have to block more than one guy,” he noted. “But the coaches worked with me on that and gave me some really good tips on how to get better.”
Robertson also had to adjust to the height difference.
“I went from being one of the tallest players in NorWOSSA to be one of the shortest,” he said. “Guys there are like 6’10”, 6’11”, and seven feet.
“And when you play against guys that are 25 years old, when they hit, it hurts. I’d never gotten bruises from volleyball until last year,” he laughed.
But while he admitted the talent level is quite a step up from high school, he said he recognized several people he played against when the Muskies advanced to the all-Ontarios in Peterborough in 1995.
Robertson hopes he–and the Lancers–get even better than last year’s squad, which came within one point of winning the deciding game against the University of Western Ontario to advance to the OUA West final against the University of Toronto.
But if his number-one goal is to advance to the nationals this season, he also has several personal goals, including being named to the league all-star team.