Riders perform well at horse show


District horse-lovers were able to get their fill over the weekend in Emo.
The Borderland Quarter Horse Association held its annual show at the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society’s fairgrounds, featuring district riders, as well as those hailing from as far away as Manitoba, Minnesota, South Dakota, participating in the three-day event.
Here is a list of all the winners of the High Point Circuit Awards, with the division listed first, followed by the horse’s name, the rider’s name, and their hometown:
1. A Cool Intention–Lesley Johnson (Kakabeka Falls)
2. Betty White Socks–Cheryl Schultz (Kakabeka Falls)
1. Hot Jammin Joe–Emily Kangas (Roseau, Mn.)
2. Chicks Dig Chocolate–Dale Fenwick (Dryden)
•Jerry Nanik Memorial Award for Champion of Champions Halter Horse–A Cool Intention–Lesley Johnson
•Jerry Nanik Memorial Award for Amateur Trail–Livin Lazy–Cassandra Lepp (Rivers, Man.)
•Novice Youth
1. Sleep Deprived–Kiya Fenwick (Dryden)
2. Keep the Impulse–Isabelle Harvey (Dryden)
•Novice Youth Walk/Trot
1. ShesCertainlyChromed–Chloe Chambers (Thunder Bay)
2. A Lopin Star–Rustin Chartier (Devlin)
•Youth 13 & under
1. Only for U–Isabella Fortes (Fort Frances)
2. Rythmn N Rock–Sophie Koshel (Oxdrift, Ont.)
•Youth 14-18
1. Keep the Impulse–Isabelle Harvey
2. Misty Blue Legend–Brooklyn Martyn (Rosslyn, Ont.)
•Novice Amateur
1. Huntin’ For A Party–Paige McNally (Fort Frances)
2. Famous Sonny Dee–Lisa Dales (Homewood, Man.)
•Novice Amateur Walk/Trot.
1. Huntin’ A Plea–Susan Trangsrud (Embarrass, Mn.)
2. Roses All Around–Delci Christianson (Webster, SD)
1. Livin Lazy–Cassandra Lepp
2. SH SmokeOnTheWater–Nichole Mathiason (Rolla, N.D.)
•Select Amateur
1. James Bonds–Norma Almond (Thunder Bay)
2. Tricked Out And Lazy–Cathy Bailey (Dugald, Man.)
•Green Horse
1. Huntin’ For A Party–Paige McNally
2. My Time For Roses–Teresa Wiens (Pansy, Man.)
•Junior Horse
1. Dressed by Cocoa–Cassandra Lepp
2. My Time For Roses–Teresa Wiens
•Senior Horse
1. Livin Lazy–Cassandra Lepp
2. SH SmokeOnTheWater–Nichole Mathiason
•Hunter Under Saddle Stake
1. SH SmokeOnTheWater–Nichole Mathiason
2. Natural Power Play–Shelbi Artimowich (Dryden)
3. Once Inna Blue Moon–Jessie Godin (Murillo)
4. Hot Jammin Joe–Emily Kangas
•Western Pleasure Stake (pays to fourth)
1. Huntin’ A Plea–Della Cryderman (Murillo)
2. Lope N the Nite Away–Katelynn Robertson (Roseau, Mn.)
3. A Lopin Star–Kayla Caul-Chartier (Devlin)
4. Im Lopin Texas Style–Kim Wright (Dryden)
Egg & Spoon Charity
1. Livin Lazy–Cassandra Lepp