Red hot Emo Speedway racing gives Kellar first feature win of season

By Darren Derendorf
Special to the Times

Despite the gloomy weather throughout the day the rain stayed away to let our weekend warriors take to the track, and they had the remedy to the brisk and chilly winds – an evening of red hot racing action! As the clouds rolled out, the crowd began to fill the grandstands dressed more like a nice fall day rather than the middle of June, but the drivers made sure the racing was worth the price of admission.

For the first race of the night the Emo Street Stocks put on a show with a three way battle for the lead between the #54X of A.J. Kellar, the #15R of Raice Westover and the #55 of Tylar Wilson throughout the entire race with Kellar crossing the finish line first. In the feature race Kellar was able to maintain his 1st place starting position throughout the race to gain his first feature win of the season. Westover had to start on the last row, in 5th place, but with a couple of great moves found his way up to 3rd place by lap three and in a heated door to door battle with Wilson for the rest of the race. Despite running caution free both the #18 of Abe Germain and the #45 of Sierra Happy had to pull off track due to mechanical issues registering both drivers their first DNFs (Did Not Finish) of the season.

Top 3 1. #54X A.J. Kellar 2. #15R Raice Westover 3. #55 Tylar Wilson

In the first heat of the Wissota Midwest Modifieds the #4B of Bradon Rehill was able to make the most of his pole position and build a 2-3 car length lead over 2nd place all the way to the finish. Farther back in the field the #24 of Cory Randle found his way over the high banks in turn four but kept his foot in it and got back on track without causing a caution, and by race end had regained all of the ground he lost from going off the track. In the second heat race #16 Garrett Paull was able to duplicate Rehill’s success and earned a heat race victory. #99 Glen Strachan was able to use some of his veteran knowledge to work his way up to 2nd place and hold of all challengers including the #21 of Wyatt Boyum who raced his way from last place all the way to 3rd. There was more than enough excitement to go around in the feature race as the first caution flew three laps in for a multicar spin in turn three with the #23 of Carter Kinnear, the #09 of Matthew Chatyrbok and the #18 of Bob Gaudet all coming to a skidding stop. As the action resumed no driver was able to build up a lead as the top five cars ran door to door for several laps until the leader #59X James Lambert spun in the middle of turn three with both Strachan and Randle spinning to try and avoid hitting Lambert. As all three cars drove away only Randle remained on track as Lambert and Strachan both received damage from their spins. Through the cautions and restarts Boyum worked his way from 7th to be battling Rehill for the lead as the laps began to wind down. He eventually found his way past, for his first feature win of the season.

Top 3 1. #21 Wyatt Boyum 2. #4B Brandon Rehill 3. #16 Garrett Paull

The Wissota Modifieds started the night out with a bang with the first caution only two laps in for a spin from the #4A of Dawson Allen. However the real carnage was as the field was slowing down and the #4JR of Cameron Brown and the #88 of Tanner Williamson had a coming together, but all cars were able to continue. After a second caution for a single car spin, the #85 of Jeff Davis was able build and maintain a small gap over the field for the heat race win. In the second heat race the #50 of Brady Caul had a slow start to the race which let the #99 of Brody Strachan and the #66 of Denny Trimble by. Trimble was able to use his decades of experience to hold Caul off for much of the race but Caul was able to get a great run off the last corner of the last lap and edged out Trimble at the line. While the battle raged on for 2nd place, Strachan was able to run away from the field for an easy win. In the feature race all the drivers were digging and fighting their way to the front with Caul and Strachan over-stepping the line first and spinning on the exit of turn four for the first caution of the race. As the racing resumed the #4JR of Cameron Brown found himself batting for first position. With three more cautions for single car spins no driver was able to build a safe lead, and on the final restart Strachan who had worked his way up through the pack was able to find a way past Brown to claim his first feature win of the season.

Top 3 1.#99 Brody Strachan 2 #4JR Cameron Brown 3. #85 Jeff Davis

The Borderland Racing Association would like to say thank you to this week’s sponsors Green’s BrandSource Home Furnishings and ML Caron Electric who help keep all of the facilities around the track open. The Borderland Racing Association would like to also say thank you to all of the fans who joined us for a brisk Saturday night and to all other fans out there; if it wasn’t for you, there would be no show for the drivers to put on! Finally thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work all week long to make sure the track is ready for the fans and drivers. The Emo Speedway is completely volunteer run, and would always welcome some more help on race night, there are even positions open for high school students! We will be back next Saturday night June 18th with hot laps at 7pm and racing at 7:30pm.