Rain ends season championship night early

Emo Speedway had their season championship on August 27th and the weather didn’t really feel like smiling down once more on the track.
Forty-five minutes before race time, large dark clouds began moving its way over the track and the rain started to drizzle down. Luckily, those clouds moved on in time for the racing to begin relatively on time.
But the threat of more rain never disappeared and immediately after the WISSOTA Midwest Modified Feature, the rain poured down long enough to end the night without finishing the other two feature events. They will be completed on Sept. 10 on Fan Appreciation night.
The Midwest Modified feature took to the tacky, but somewhat slick track, with the nine cars closely packed together for the start of the race.
Right off the bat, John Hettinga did what he always does best, run in the front of the entire pack. He quickly pulled a sizable lead over second place Anthony Visser, while the battle for third was just heating up between Chuck Lambert, Kendal Gamsby, Ron Westover and Bill Witherspoon.
The four of them were tightly packed for over a lap, exchanging positions a few times, until everything literally came together as coming out of turn two, Westover got a little extra steam and got underneath Lambert’s rear-end, lifting the rear tires off the ground for a second.
Westover had no choice though, as Gamsby had almost driven underneath him as well, and Witherspoon doing the same. At the end of the straightaway, the freight train came apart, and the four cars spun around the racing surface bringing out the caution.
The restart had Hettinga, and Visser starting, and Lambert threatening second. Gamsby, who restarted fourth, fell back as Witherspoon and Jori Hughes charged ahead. Witherspoon tried a push past Lambert in turn one but his only chance for a third place faded.
Congratulations to John Hettinga for his rookie track championship. Thank you to the Fans, Sponsors, Volunteers, and Drivers for a great season and hope to see you again in 2006!
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature—John Hettinga, Anthony Visser, Chuck Lambert, Bill Witherspoon, Jori Hughes, Kendal Gamsby, Ron Westover, Ken Perry
Heat 1—Visser, Gamsby, Lambert, Hettinga, Witherspoon
WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat 1—Strachan, Witherspoon, Mark Rea, Hettinga
Heat 2—Galloway, Davis, Allen, Kamm
Street Stocks
Heat 1—Grimes, Bosma, Gamsby, Shine