Racers chasing $400 bounty on Arpin’s head

Steve Arpin continues to collect one modified feature victory after another at the Emo Raceway. And after six weeks, the bounty on his head has grown to close to $400.
The pot is supplied by local businesses in an attempt to attract fan interest and inspire the other drivers. But one of the rules attached to the bounty is that Arpin must finish the race–eliminating the chance of someone taking a run at the 17-year-old.
Arpin isn’t concerned with the bounty, which he stressed is merely a friendly, fun attraction done on the side. “I don’t mind. As long as the races are good and clean,” he said.
Fellow modified driver Gavin Paull agreed, adding he has his own improvements to work on after finishing eighth in last Saturday night’s feature.
“It doesn’t matter to me. I’m working on my own things to improve,” Paull said. “I’m not concerned about the money.”
The pattern of Arpin’s Saturday nights of late have remained the same: win or come close in the heat, start the feature in the pole position, and pull away halfway through it.
Last weekend, Arpin captured the second heat over Rick Delainie and Paull, then caught Winnipeg’s Scott Greer in the feature. Rod Angus, Delainie, and Mark Davis rounded out the top five finishers.
After his string of six checkered flags, Arpin prefers to stick to his same old cliché as he approaches any added pressure.
“Yes. Week by week,” said Arpin. “Still going like that.”
And giving credit to his fellow drivers, Arpin said keeping the streak alive through this weekend will be tough.
“It’s getting harder,” he noted. “Everyone is starting to get their cars working and getting a lot faster.”
As a rookie in 1999, Arpin won the modified points overall title without winning a single feature. He leads the race so far this season with 343 points–just eight ahead of Paull.
Racing action resumes this Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Emo Speedway (hot laps start at 6:30).
< *c>July 7 results
< *c>Mini-Sprints
•Heat #1–1. Ken Perry (#2X4) 2. Steve Arpin (#7R) 3. Kenny Perry (#77)
•Feature–1. Ken Perry 2. Kenny Perry 3. Jason Strom (#1) 4. Kyle Ridlon (#15) 5. Steve Arpin
•Overall points leaders–1. Jason Strom (339) 2. Kenny Perry (329) 3. Kyle Ridlon (282)
< *c>Streets
•Heat #1–1. Dennis Pelepetz (#25) 2. Hayes Huddleston (#8) 3. Ron Westover (#15)
•Heat #2–1. Rick Simpson (#70) 2. Jake Hassbargen (#14) 3. Kendal Gamsby (#29)
•Feature–1. Rick Simpson 2. Jake Hassbargen 3. Denny Trimble (#66) 4. Dennis Pelepetz 5. Larry Gordon (#03)
•Overall points leaders–1. Jake Hassbargen (344) 2. Denny Trimble (334)
< *c>Modifieds
•Heat#1–1. Roland Denzler (#78) 2. Wilf Denzler (377) 3. Chad Jonson (#18)
•Heat #2–1. Steve Arpin (#00) 2. Rick Delainie (#1) 3. Gavin Paull (#16)
•Feature–1. Steve Arpin 2. Scott Greer (#5G) 3. Rod Angus (#5) 4. Rick Delainie 5. Mark Davis (#85)
•Overall points leaders–1. Steve Arpin (343) 2. Gavin Paull (335) 3. Vic Larson (318) 4. Dwayne Pelepetz (298)
< *c>Historical class
•Heat #1–1. George Oltsher (#33) 2. Lance Salchert (#2) 3. Wayne Salchert (#5) 4. Ivan Brady (#V2) 5. Dave Baker (#41)
•Heat #2–1. George Oltsher 2. Lance Salchert 3. Ivan Brady 4. Dennis White (#78) 5. Jim Dunham (#100)