Pyzer means business this year

Gord Pyzer is anxious to put his world-renowned fishing smarts to the test at the eighth-annual Fort Frances Canadian Bass Champ-ionship, which gets underway tomorrow.
Pyzer, the former Kenora district manager for the Ministry of Natural Resources, currently is co-host of the popular syndicated radio show “Real Fishing” and is field editor for “Canada Outdoor” magazine.
He has fished in the FFCBC for the last three years, and in fact, last month had been out doing some pre-fishing on Rainy Lake.
“The lake was superb, as usual,” he said.
Pyzer is not shy about singing the praises of the area. “It is unquestionably one of the best smallmouth fisheries in the world,” he said of Rainy Lake.
This from a man whose fishing career has taken him from Australia to Alaska—and many places in between.
Although Pyzer is among the higher profile anglers competing at the FFCBC, that does not necessarily mean a top finish is guaranteed. Actually, he didn’t even finish the previous two tournaments.
“Two years ago, there was an accident where a family, actually some in-laws of the mayor, were having some problems. So we assisted them to get back to the cottage,” he said.
“But then we ended up getting disqualified.”
“Last year after a great start in the first day, we had some motor trouble that blew a hole through the [boat’s] cylinder,” Pyzer recalled. “So this year, I’m just looking to finish.”
The uncertain aspect of smallmouth bass fishing here is one thing that always keeps Pyzer intrigued. “The interesting thing about Rainy Lake is that it is somewhat of an inconsistent lake,” he noted.
“Hot spots one year are not necessarily hot spots for the next year, and likewise, good baits one year are not good baits the next year,” he said.
“It makes it a real challenge to try and break the code.”
To help him combat this, Pyzer admitted he will have a few tricks in his tackle box this year. “Every year I have new techniques and tactics,” he said.
“I will be covering the ICAST show in Vegas for ‘Outdoor Canada’ this summer. You can be sure I’ll be sleuthing around for new stuff that no one else will have,” he added.
As much as Pyzer loves Rainy Lake, he still has some concerns about the future. “As good as it is today, it could still be better,” he remarked.
“People in Fort Frances really live in paradise and they don’t realize it,” he stressed. “I would like to see some more protection for the smallmouth bass.
“I hope we will see a little extra management in the future.”
Still, Pyzer is a proud member of the anglers’ committee and is looking to take an active role in this year’s FFCBC. “You’ll see me marching in the parade,” he laughed.
When the tournament heats up, keep an eye out for Gord Pyzer and his new partner, Gary Mantil of Kenora (Team #109). They are a team with something to prove.