Province expands deer, moose hunting opportunities

The province is expanding deer and moose hunting opportunities as part of a sustainable wildlife management program, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay announced Monday.
“Expanding deer hunting opportunities will keep deer populations under control and also provide an economic boost to communities,” said Ramsay. “The moose regulation changes will improve access to hunting opportunities for disabled hunters and ensure greater consistency in moose seasons across the northwest.”
The ministry has expanded or modified deer hunts in some parts of the province to control increasing deer populations and associated problems, such as deer-vehicle collisions, crop damage and habitat degradation.
Moose hunting opportunities for archery hunters have been enhanced and a consistent date for the opening of the moose season in eight Wildlife Management Units in northwestern Ontario is now in place. It will be easier for mobility-impaired hunters to take advantage of hunting opportunities.
These changes are just one way the McGuinty government is managing fish and wildlife resources to ensure their long-term sustainability. Others include:
•investing $13.2 million over three years in the Dorion Fish Culture Station- the only ministry hatchery serving northwestern Ontario and western Lake Superior;
•supporting the Ontario Stewardship program which protects Ontario ’s rich variety of plants, animals and ecosystems while supporting the sustainable use of resources; and
•developing a strategy for wolf conservation in Ontario to ensure the long-term sustainability of the species.
The changes take effect Sept. 2, 2006.