Poor lighting causing concern at Vanjura

Although the town’s recreation department was approached by the Sight & Sound fastball team a month ago about burned out lights at Vanjura Stadium, none of them have been replaced yet.
Team manager Derek McKinnon said he had approached Community Services manager George Bell about replacing the burned out bulbs, as well as fixing several lights which are “facing the wrong way,” but has yet to see a response.
Bell did not return phone calls from the Times for comment.
Veteran umpire Gus Lindberg also said he went to the town “about three weeks ago” regarding the lights, noting could not see left field by 9 p.m. when he umped a game there two weeks ago.
And the problem is getting worse. The slo-pitch team that played the late game at Vanjura on Monday night reported eight bulbs were burned out.
Four were burned out when the fastball team first approached the town.
Mayor Glenn Witherspoon said yesterday he was unaware of the lighting problem at Vanjura but added he would look into getting it fixed as soon as possible.
Larry Cousineau, who sits on the local Public Utilities Commission, said they are willing to put the new bulbs in, and fix the lights which are poorly positioned.
But he added he has not heard from the town that the bulbs–which had to be ordered–are ready to be installed.
Cousineau said they would prefer to do the job with the boom truck all at once, rather than going up on separate occasions to fix the lighting problem there.