Park seeks input on action plan


The Destination Voyageurs National Park (DVNP) team from the Heart of the Continent Partnership’s International Community Congress, held at the end of October, is moving forward with an action plan.
During the Community Congress, the team chose the development of a DVNP marketing plan by December, 2012 as the main goal of its action plan.
The team identified specific action steps required to guide DVNP towards its goal.
First and foremost is communication with stakeholders about the team’s action plan.
The DVNP team is compiling a contact list to use for disseminating updates and information about its progress on the action plan, as well as to seek input.
As the team begins to develop the marketing plan, it will use the recommendations and comments gathered from the December, 2007 marketing think tank sponsored by DVNP in Orr, Mn. as a starting point.
Team members seek to enhance existing marketing efforts, and not duplicate or compete with specific gateway marketing initiatives.
This marketing effort seeks to be inclusive of all gateway communities and built from community participation.
The foundation of DVNP’s current marketing effort is the website portal found at or
This website contains links to each gateway community’s tourism website and information about Voyageurs National Park.
DVNP also ran a six-month Google ad word campaign from April-September on this website.
Increased referrals to gateway community tourism websites through this portal website demonstrated the impact this type of website can have on marketing.
The team is excited to move the mission of DVNP ahead and looks forward to working with its stakeholders to reach its goal.