Pair of area hunters nabbed in tag-sharing ploy

Press Release

Two Sioux Lookout men have been fined a total of $4,500 for deer hunting offences.
Gregory Marino pleaded guilty to unlawfully using another person’s game seal, failing to immediately attach his game seal, and making a false statement to a conservation officer.
He was fined a total of $3,500.
The deer was seized and forfeited to the Crown.
Carl Bober, meanwhile, pleaded guilty to transferring his deer seal and making a false statement to a conservation officer.
He was fined a total of $1,000 and received a one-year hunting suspension.
Court heard that on Nov. 16, conservation officers responded to a public complaint of shots heard in the Municipality of Sioux Lookout.
Upon investigation, officers found Marino loading an antlered deer into the back of his pickup truck.
The animal was tagged with a game seal belonging to Bober.
Further investigation revealed that Marino shot the deer while Bober was at work.
Despite having a valid deer seal himself, Marino called Bober and asked for his deer seal.
Both men made numerous false statements to conservation officers throughout the investigation.
Truthful statements only were given once officers obtained a variety of evidence, including video evidence.
Justice of the Peace Daisy Hoppe heard the case Jan. 20 in Sioux Lookout.
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