Pair fined for illegal bear hunt

the MNR

Two South Dakota men have been fined a total of $3,400 for offences related to an illegal bear hunt near Ignace
John Gubbrud, of Alcester, pleaded guilty to illegally hunting a black bear and providing hunting services to a non-resident of Ontario without a licence.
He was fined $3,000.
James Walker, of North Sioux City, was fined $400 for hunting a black bear while not carrying his licence and failing to wear hunter orange.
Court heard that on Sept. 1, 2009, a Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer on routine patrol discovered that Walker had harvested a black bear in an area for which his licence was not valid.
The officer learned that Gubbrud, who was working for an Ontario tourist lodge, had led Walker to the area, which was outside the Bear Management Area in which Walker could lawfully hunt.
Justice of the Peace Edith Baas heard the case in Aug. 24 in Dryden.
The ministry reminds hunters that non-residents who contract the services of a tourist operator or outfitter for black bear hunting only may hunt within the boundaries of the Bear Management Area assigned to the tourist operator.
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