Paintball rookie triumphs

Press Release

It seemed like a long shot.
When first-time paintball player Christopher Sobkowicz came to the Spirit Fire Park in Devlin on Saturday (Aug. 28), capturing first place seemed impossible.
He had no partner for the annual doubles’ tournament.
Several teams, many of them veterans to the paintball scene, were sporting automatic markers, and quickloaders.
Don Patterson, a seasoned paintball player, volunteer, and full-time referee at the park, noticed that Sobkowicz needed a partner.
The duo instantly became a sensation, winning match after match to quickly knock out three other teams.
The weather was gorgeous, if not a bit hot for those wearing paintball masks and protective gear! By mid-afternoon, many players were opting to leave extra equipment on the sidelines in an effort to keep cool!
Even the choice of battlegrounds changed due to the sun and heat—from Speedball to Fort Defender, where players could take refuge in the shade.
After many hours of fierce paintball action, Sobkowicz and Patterson took first place!
Both players were all smiles as they hoisted the doubles’ trophy high, with medals hanging from their necks!
It is with deep gratitude from the Spirit council that we thank all the volunteers and referees who helped make this event a big success!
Without the hard work of the team of dedicated volunteers clearing trails, painting, building, and hauling wood, the many events at Spirit Fire Park would not be possible!
The next event at the park is the “Back to School” party slated for this Sunday (Sept. 5). Everyone is welcome to come out and celebrate.
Come early to watch paintball, and stay for karaoke.
The council asks that those who drink alcohol to bring a tent and stay the night!
Hope to see everyone there!