OFSAA plans slowly getting underway

The committee spearheading the OFSAA boys’ hockey tournament here in 2006 will nail down major issues before taking a break for the summer and then getting serious plans underway in the fall.
The committee, which won the bid to have Fort Frances host the all-Ontarios back in April, tentatively will confirm ice time and hotel reservations before the end of the school year.
Games will be played at the Ice for Kids and ’52 Canadians arenas here as well as the one in Emo.
“We’re kind of on a little recess until fall. It’s two years away,” said committee member Terry Ogden. “There’s no sense in burning everybody out.”
The committee also is beginning to discuss possible guest speakers for the banquet. “We’re poking around to see if there’s an interest in guest speakers,” said Ogden.
As well, the committee is starting to put together a list of volunteers. Ogden said they have been approached by several members of the community who are anxious to help.
“We have a list of people who’ve approached us and said they’ll help,” he noted. “The community is very, very with us.”
The list of volunteers will be divided into committees this fall. A meeting already is being planned for September.
“We’re brainstorming things we’d like to get done in the fall,” said Ogden.