NorWOSSA sports to be decided today

NorWOSSA reps will be meeting in Dryden today to discuss their options over scheduling games for the rest of the school year.
The meeting was arranged after the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board reached a tentative deal with its high school teachers last Friday that could see NorWOSSA resume its regular sports schedule.
But that is just one option, said Fort High principal Ian Simpson, who has served as interim president under the modified NorWOSSA league, which saw the football season scrapped and the Muskie court teams playing against ‘A’ schools.
The Muskie hockey team also has been in limbo with its season fast approaching. Plans now are for it to play exhibition games against U.S. and Manitoba squads.
“We are definitely going to be doing some exploring regarding the court sports,” Simpson said Monday morning. “We won’t know if we’ll go back to our ‘A’ and ‘AA’ leagues or keep with what we have.
“We have several options but we also have financial restrictions,” he added.
Simpson chose not to speculate on which way NorWOSSA might go, saying he’ll know more after today’s meeting.
Fort High athletic director Rick Wiedenhoeft, who also will be making the trip to Dryden, agreed it made no sense speculating which route the league will take.
But while NorWOSSA sports are expected to be organized in one way or another, NWOSSAA remains in jeopardy because high school teachers in Thunder Bay and the North Shore are still without agreements.
If that’s the case, Muskie teams could get a direct berth into all-Ontario championships although Wiedenhoeft warned some careful considerations would have to be made as to whether those teams would be sent to participate in the provincial showdowns.
“In some cases, we would have direct access to OFSAA but do we want to send teams at a cost of $7,000-$8,000 to get blown out?” he mused.