Night hunting costly for pair

the MNR

Two Michigan men have been fined a total of $11,300, and are banned from hunting in Ontario, for a number of hunting offences.
Jamie Doucette, of Gladstone, was convicted of careless hunting, night hunting, and having a loaded firearm in a vehicle.
He was fined $8,300 and had his hunting licence suspended for six years.
He was ordered to re-take the hunter safety course if he wants to hunt in Ontario again, and his firearm was forfeited to the Crown.
Jesse Caswell, of Escanaba, was convicted of night hunting. He was fined $3,000 and had his hunting licence suspended for three years.
Court heard that on Oct. 31, Doucette and Caswell were travelling down Cygnet Lake Road, north of Kenora, when a large buck ran across the road.
Caswell stopped the vehicle and angled the headlights toward the buck while Doucette climbed out of the passenger-side window with his rifle.
Doucette shot at the buck but missed.
Then while trying to put his rifle back in its case, Doucette discharged the gun—putting a hole through the floor of the truck.
Justice of the Peace Robert McNally heard the case June 8 in Kenora.