New year—new promises

How could one day mean so much?
For many, New Year’s is an event that gives people a second chance. An opportunity to do things differently. To look at themselves in the mirror and pick out their flaws—and make promises on how to improve on them.
The Muskie hockey program is no different. As an athlete, there always are ways to improve one’s self—be it by spending more time in the gym, working harder in practice, or taking a greater role on the team.
But, of course, every player is different and, as such, every response differs.
What is your New Year’s resolution as a person?
Carly Holt (second-year player)—Get better grades.
Andrew Easton (first year)—My New Year’s resolution is to make the honour role.
Jessica Barker (first year)—To stay happy, kind, and nice through the year, and expand my circle of friends.
Alex McQuarrie (second year)—To finish the year with good grades.
Deanna Saunders (first year)—I want to work harder and study more.
Brett Perreault (first year)—To stay out of the drunk tank.
Francine McCabe (second year)—Start doing all my homework!
Josh Sigurdson (second year)—To be a better person and work harder at school.
Kim Pacarenuk (fourth year)—I don’t make them (impossible to keep).
Tyler Miller (second year)—To be a better person on and off the ice.
Courtney Reutzal (first year)—Try to get more fit and try to play to the best of my abilities.
Jordan Bale (second year)—Lose weight, and stop working out as much.
Kelsey McLean (first year)—To be more positive, to treat people with kindness, and be the best I can be in all sports and school.
Brock Benjamin (second year)—Be a better person.
Hannah Firth (third year)—Continue to work hard.
David Pierce (third year)—Gain some weight.
Jake Esselink (third year)—To have more fun and get better grades.
Kevin Bobczynski (first year)—To pass every class.
Tyson Romyn (first year)—To be a better person.
Now what is your New Year’s resolution as a player?
Lauren Pierce (first year)—Do my best to help the team and make good plays.
Matt Redford (second year)—Play harder and become a better leader.
Cortney Caldwell (second year)—To accomplish every goal I have set out for myself.
Tyler Pocock (first one)—Practice hard, play hard, and play consistently every game.
Katie McTavish (third year)—I would like to continue playing well and help to drive the team towards a victory against Kenora and Dryden.
Mitch Green (second year)—Give ’er [crap] and play hard.
Ashley Whalen (third year)—To accomplish the goals in which I set for myself and help the team accomplish its goals also.
Brian White (first year)—Practice hard, play hard, and just giver all the time.
Mackenzie Caul (third year)—My New Year’s resolution is to beat Dryden and Kenora.
Justin Larson (third year)—To be better.
Miranda Kellar (first year)—Make good plays, try my hardest in games and practices.
Luc Romaniuk (second year)—To double the amount of points that I got from last year.
Sarah O’Sullivan (third year)—I would like to improve my shot.
Easton—Learn new things and do them in a game.
Holt—To become twice the player I am now, and improve in any way.
McQuarrie—To win OFSAA.
Barker—To continue playing hockey to the best of my abilities.
Perreault—To play a hell of a lot better than I have, and just giver [crap].
Saunders—Pass tape to tape, and take good shots.
Sigurdson—Score some gaols and become a better centreman.
McCabe—Score a couple more goals.
Miller—Just have fun and make things happen.
Pacarenuk—Stay focused through anything.
Reutzal—I want to play more aggressively, to get more shots on net, and to get a goal since I have had so many chances.
Benjamin—Keep out of the penalty box.
McLean—To learn to be more positive, carry the puck, go 110 per cent every time I’m on the ice, and to learn how to have fun.
D. Pierce—Be stronger, and faster.
Firth—Improve on my slap shot, and skating faster.
Romyn—To keep improving as the year goes on.