New swim club to begin planning

A new swim club is looking to get its feet wet here next week.
That’s when they’ll hold an information meeting to seek input from any interested parents.
“It’s just another alternative,” said club co-organizer Dawnn Taylor. “For younger, developing swimmers, both competitive and non-competitive.
“We’re looking for inner growth—being part of a real team with no pressure put on them,” she added.
At the meeting slated next Wednesday (June 5) at 8 p.m. in the boardroom at 504 Armit Ave., the club is looking for volunteers, to organize an executive, and choose a team name.
Taylor said former Aquanauts head coach Debbie Murray will be involved with the coaching.
“We’ll be discussing the plans for the year in more detail [at the meeting],” said Taylor, “The goals, things that we’d like to achieve, and looking from any input in attendance.”
When asked about the feasibility of having a second swim club in town when the Aquanauts already are established, Taylor stressed there will be a differences.
“It’s two different groups. What we’re looking for is developing regular swimmers and starting them out,” said Taylor, whose son, Donovan, swam with the Aquanauts for two years.
“I wish the Aquanauts nothing but success.”
In order to compete in sanction meets, the new club will have to put an application in with Swim Ontario. It’s a step the club will face after this first meeting.
“We certainly intend on going to meets,” said Taylor. “We plan on being affiliated with [Swim Ontario]. I’m not going to know until we sit down and decide what everybody wants.”
Current Aquanauts head coach Roman Ramirez said he heard a new club was in the works but didn’t know about its development.
“I heard a little bit about that. For me, there’s no impact on what I’m doing as a coach,” said Ramirez, who signed on with the Aquanauts last August.
“It’s probably going to impact our team. I don’t know what we’re going to lose [in terms of swimmers].”
In the meantime, Taylor is hoping to make plans this summer to set up a successful launch in the fall.
“Probably what we’d like to do is get together this summer,” she said.
“Something like a picnic so everyone can meet each other. So when we do start up, we’ll be ready to go.”