New sponsor for PeeWee rep team

Press Release

The Fort Frances PeeWee ‘AA’ hockey team only has ever been known to the local fans as the K of C PeeWees.
But after 73 years of dedication and sponsorship to the Fort Frances Minor Hockey Association and the PeeWee ‘AA’ squad, the Knights of Columbus have turned over sponsorship of the team to Boston Pizza.
The 2009-10 edition of the team is the first group of young players to hit the ice as the Boston Pizza Royals.
Tthe players and coaches have been working hard preparing for the upcoming season, and they will continue to show teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication, and talent both on and off the ice in memory of the Knights of Columbus as they embark on new adventures as the Royals.
The Boston Pizza Royals’ first-time head coach is Mike Allison, assisted by Jody Shypit and Martin Williams.
The 2009-10 roster features Jared Bethune, Carter Brown, Javis Lockhart, Finn Chalupsky, Brandon Bodnar, Jarred Taylor, David Pryde, Claire Sandelovich, Jeremy Shypit, Spencer Shortreed, Max Williams, Tyler VanUden, Kyle Knapp, Zander Chalupsky, Graeme Kitt, and Dylan Ossachuk.
Allison was honoured to coach the local squad last season as the K of C PeeWees and is looking forward to this upcoming season as the Royals. The Boston Pizza Royals will host their PeeWee ‘AA’ tournament on Jan. 8-10.