New fundraising group starting up for Muskie teams

FORT FRANCES—The Fort Frances Muskie Sports Association needs parents.
The organization recently was founded by a group of about 10 parents of Muskie athletes and was to a meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the FFHS library to help build momentum for their cause.
The group’s goal is to raise funds for those sports teams at Fort High that do not currently have monetary support from the community, for example, the way in which the Blueline Club supports the boys’ hockey team.
Richard Boileau, one of the parents working to establish the FFMSA, said the booster club would help to alleviate the cash crunch experienced by many teams when they qualify for the all-Ontarios.
“It’s been an ongoing problem for years,” he said. “These individual sports don’t have any fundraising like the Touchdown Club or the Blueline Club or the Redline Club.
“So what happens is like a couple of years ago, the badminton team got to go to OFSAA and suddenly they had to come up with $1,200 each to go,” he added.
“So the idea is to take all these other sports and fundraise as a group so that when OFSAA comes along, they can draw out of this pool of money.”
Boileau stressed the money raised by the club would not be used exclusively to fund trips to OFSAA. The fund also would cover some of the costs associated with running a high school sports team on a yearly basis.
“There are other things, too, that the high school doesn’t fund completely,” he said. “Uniforms. A lot of the teams could use new uniforms. For football, the Touchdown Club is in the process right now of looking at purchasing new uniforms.
“But how does the volleyball team or the soccer team get money for that other than asking parents for money?”
While still in the early planning stages (the group still is in the process of finalizing its constitution), Boileau said the FFMSA needs parents to get involved now—particularly those of younger students.
“What were looking for at this meeting is to get all the parents on board,” he remarked. “We need parents from every group. The younger your kids are in high school, the better.
“We need Grade 9 and 10 parents,” he stressed.
Also on the agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting was a discussion on how to divide the money raised amongst the various sports teams and how the money can be spent most effectively.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)