Muskies to rekindle rivalry with Broncos today

Like Botox treatments for Joan Collins, today’s game against the Broncos is an important one for the Muskies.
They are looking for their first win of a season that is in its third game and seeking their first victory in 364 days, with their last being a thrilling 18-13 win over the Kelvin Clippers of Winnipeg last September.
They are looking to find their place in the new Andy Currie Division (formerly known as the ‘A’ division) after switching over from the Kas Vidruk Division (known before as the ‘AA’ division or the “stronger” conference) and whether they admit it or not, there is a lot riding on this afternoon’s game and what better way to gain some confidence and gain some ground in the conference than by beating their old rivals in the Broncos.
“I think they [the Broncos] are all stoked up and they’re going to revel in the fact that we’re 0-2 and they’re going to be gunning for us and it’s going to be great,” said head coach Bob Swing.
It seems that way as seen by a statement made by Broncos head coach, Chris Penne, in Kenora’s Daily Miner & News Monday edition where he said: “I was looking at the standings and they’ve gone from the bottom of the ‘AA’ league to the bottom of the ‘A’ league.”
To paraphrase Penne’s comments—‘The Muskies were bad last year, and they’re bad this year.’
The black-and-gold have shown glimmers of hope in the season, as seen by their defensive effort in a 6-0 loss to the Sturgeon Creek Schooners last week (that’s considerably better than their 50-7 loss against the Miles Mac Buckeyes in the opening game the week before), but the offense has been lagging.
“It’s frustrating when you have one side of your team kicking the snot out of the other team, and we’re not responding on the other side of the ball—it’s tough,” said offensive co-ordinator, Shane Beckett, after last week’s disparaging loss.
Running back, Terry Carmody, and the offensive line, which is filled with returning players, have been bright spots for the team—Carmody has rushed for 189 yard in two games—and they will be counted on today to knock over that first domino and hope everyone else follows.
But the Muskies will be in tough not only because of Broncos team that is 1-1, but also because of a ’flu-bug that has been passing through the team that has left a few players on their sick bed rather than on the field.
The team averaged about 23-26 players for each practice of this week and considering the team has a 35-man roster that might spell bad news for the Muskies.
“We need to start showing up for practices, because if you don’t execute it in practice then you’re not going to get it in a game,” said Swing.