Muskies impress at OFSAA Cross Country

Although there were no Muskies on the podium at the 2022 OFSAA Cross Country final, coach John Dutton is celebrating his team.

“It was a great event for our runners! While not everyone was happy with their results, their coach couldn’t be prouder of what they have accomplished this year,” he said.

The meet took place in the hilly terrain of the Durham region, with clear weather and temperatures around 16 degrees.

In a pack where many other schools failed to qualify a team, Fort Frances sent nine runners, with three finishing in the top 100 of their respective races. Even more impressive were the four “break out” finishes, with runners posting personal best times and demolishing the pace goals they had set for the season, said Dutton.

“This is such a fine group of young people, with the greatest sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship,” he said. “They are all so supportive of one another and display the truest meaning of ‘team’.”

This year, the team will say goodbye to graduating seniors Leah Seguin, Trent Wilson and Chloe Dolyny who all joined the team as elementary school students.

“But there is no denying that our younger runners, Abby Waldner, Miranda Wilson, Payton Dolyny, Parker Sisco, William Yerxa and Rex Tolton, are ready and able to become the future of running at Fort High over the next few years,” said Dutton. “I hope I am around to be part of it.”

Muskie OFSAA Cross country results:

Men’s Novice, 4KM

Parker Sisco 16:42.06–144

William Yerxa 17:29.24–190 Out of 251

Men’s Jr. 5KM

Rex Tolton 18:51.35 115 out of 245

Men’s Sr. 6KM

Trent Wilson 21:46.35 59 out of 245

Women’s Novice, 4KM

Abby Waldner 18:47.18 87 out of 243

Women’s Jr. 5KM

Payton Dolyny 23:29.34 164

Miranda Wilson 21:37.57 88 out of 251

Women’s Sr. 6 KM

Chloe Dolyny 29:52.25 154

Leah Seguin 31:11.40 182 out of 240