Muskie spikers still winless

Both Muskie boys’ volleyball are still looking for their first wins five games into the NorWOSSA season.
The senior boys were swept 3-0 by the visiting Dryden Eagles yesterday afternoon by scores of 25-20, 25-17, and 25-12.
“We show great practices, but game time, not so good,” said co-coach Adrian Chapman. “We are a better team than we are playing. The score reflects exactly how we played.”
Chapman was obviously frustrated with the team’s loss, but said they are improving and still can turn around what has been a disappointing season so far.
“I think we need to try to get in as many games as possible against other teams,” he said. “Diversify our competition a little more because the problem isn’t how talented the team is.
“The team is talented,” he stressed. “You come to our practice. They’re a very strong team all around.
“But when they get out onto the court, they don’t convey that and we’re trying to find the key to unlock the reason why this is happening,” Chapman added.
“Why are we dropping three games in a row? We’ve got some ideas and we’re trying to fix it,” he said.
Meanwhile, after trailing 2-0 here yesterday, the junior Muskies rallied to force a fifth and deciding game with the Eagles, but weren’t able to close out the match.
Dryden won the first two games by scores of 25-23 and 25-14, but the black-and-gold stormed back with 25-20 and 25-22 victories before losing the rubber 15-13.
“At times, very sloppy, but we’re going in the right direction and I’m impressed,” said head coach Greg Ste. Croix.
“We need a win, and from winning the confidence will just continue to grow,” he reasoned. “We’re going to be very dangerous come NorWOSSA [playoff] time.
“You need to learn from our losses,” Ste. Croix stressed. “We would like wins to gain our confidence and get that winning feeling, but we’re learning a lot from our losses, and we’re going to get better and better and better.”
Both teams don’t see league action again until next Thursday (Oct. 21) when they host the Kenora Broncos.