Muskie coach irked with playoff format


The head coach of the Muskie girls’ basketball team wants to see the NorWOSSA playoff format changed.
Gord McCabe strongly disagrees with a rule change NorWOSSA made over the last couple of years that sees playoff games trimmed to eight-minute quarters after having playing 10-minute quarters in regular-season play.
“Why would you actually shorten the game in the playoffs?” he mused. “It makes no sense to me and, frankly, I think is a discredit to our league.
“The only reason for doing it that I can think of is to save time on championship day, which in my opinion is really unfair to the kids who have worked all year,” McCabe argued.
“I really hope someday soon NorWOSSA will abandon the one-day playoff format that has remained unchanged for almost 30 years and go to a two-day playoff, where the semi-finals take place on one day and the finals the next.
“In the current format, players who live in the non-hosting community often have to get up to catch a bus leaving at 7 a.m. to play a semi-final at 10 a.m.,” McCabe noted.
“If they win the semi-final, they then sit around in a gym all day to play in a final which may not start until the early evening.
“It just does not make sense to me and never has,” he added. “Imagine the outcry there would be if we did our NorWOSSA hockey playoffs this way.
“Having said that, it is what it is and we will be ready,” McCabe vowed.