Muskie cheerleaders adding to school spirit

By Robin McCormick
Special to the Times

This year’s Muskie Cheerleaders are definitely adding to the spirit of Muskie school sports.

The 2022/2023 cheerleaders are made up of 20 enthusiastic girls – 13 in grade 9-12 and seven in grade 7-8. Janine Tucker is their coach/moral support and all the other excellent qualities that come with being involved with the Fort Frances High School Muskies. Jessica Ogden and Nikki Armstrong also assist the coach with training and anywhere they can be helpful.

The Cheerleaders can be seen at Muskie football, basketball and hockey games.

Janine shared, “Cheerleading is going really well, everyone has been very supportive. I’ve been receiving some very positive feedback from parents and coaches. The girls are progressing really fast. They are learning quickly and working very hard and are doing amazing!”

There was a time from 2017/2018 until last year where there weren’t Muskie Cheerleaders. However, this changed with cheerleading starting up again in 2021/2022. The team recently received new uniforms, which they were happy about.

Last Friday’s game (October 13) the Muskie Cheerleaders were on top of their game, and even taught the spectators a cheer. Alexis Latter did her best by showing spectators the moves, and words to the cheer. Many caught on and were motivated by not only Alexis but by all the cheerleaders participating on the field.

Hats off to all the cheerleaders and coaches that are making the games even more fun to attend but most importantly doing your part in making the Fort Frances High School full of spirit!