Muskie booster club looking to be vibrant

Dan Falloon

With a number of Muskie teams returning to action for the upcoming year, one of the organizations that backs several of them is booting up, too.
The Muskie Sports Association, which helps boost Fort High squads including basketball, volleyball, curling, badminton, track and field, and soccer, kicked off the 2010-11 school year by making a $8,169 donation to the FFHS athletic department at a meeting last night.
MSA co-chair Doug Anderson said the funds will be used to cover costs incurred by teams last year, with some extra left over to provide a jumping off point for this coming season.
The organization was able to make the donation despite not being as active last season as in previous years.
Much of the money had been raised in previous years through sponsorships, donations, and participating in the “Polar Plunge.”
Anderson said a new board, also comprising co-chair Pam Drouin, Leana Moffitt, and Ralph and Wendy Horn, is planning to help the MSA regain some momentum.
“We’re bringing it out of [being] a very stagnant organization to [being] a very vibrant organization,” he stressed.
The organization got caught in between generations last year as the departure of parents of graduating students left a bit of a void.
Anderson lauded those parents who stayed on for a year after their child’s graduation, and said the organization now knows it has to keep bringing in parents of younger students to replenish its ranks.
“We’re going to try to keep having young blood coming in, so we don’t get caught where we got caught,” he reasoned.
The MSA currently is selling advertising space in the Fort High gym in the form of banners, but Anderson hopes to hold other events, such as tag days, that will make the athletes more visible in the community.
One example he cited was the Muskie football team selling discount cards to raise money.
“They go around and they actually are visible,” Anderson observed. “We want to encourage the kids to go out and be part of it.”
As travel costs keep rising, especially with an uncertain economy, Anderson said the MSA tries to lift the burden off of parents.
“We want the kids to have a chance to do stuff,” he explained. “The economy’s tight . . .we’re noticing that a lot of families are struggling.
“If you have teams going on a trip, the school is a little short of this money,” he added.
Anderson pointed out Fort High boasts some excellent athletes across a variety of sports, and seeing their progression can be a delight to watch.
“There are some pretty good athletes, and it’s fun to watch them develop,” he enthused.